This is a chronological listing of the work done on the car.

2011-07-13 Pulling the Fuel Tank

2007-11-10 Texas World Speedway

2007-11-03 S1 Airbox Information

2007-11-01 Michelin Tires and Fender Flares

2007-10-14 Rebuilding the Master Cylinders

2007-09-29 Catch Can Solution

2007-08-12 MJM Autohaus Show

2007-06-06 Harris Hill Video Link

2007-06-02 Harris Hill Offroading

2007-05-15 Prepping for Rallycross

2007-02-02 Parts Arrived from Dubai.

2006-06-07 25V Talledega Manifolds

2005-12-21 Sport Quattro Fenders

2005-12-20 KKK K26 K27 Hybrid Turbocharger

2005-08-23 Rebuilt Clutch

2005-08-05 Bruno Kreibich's Cars through the years

2005-07-15 A2 Magnesium Intake Manifold

2005-07-04 Umluft

2005-06-26 First Shifter Finished this weekend

2005-06-03 Clutch removed

2005-06-01 Pictures of the Linkage from Shifter to Transmission

2005-05-22 Carlisle Import Nationals in Carlisle PA

2005-05-01 Turbocharger Support Bracket Finished

2005-04-23 Installed the new Quaife Rear differential and Rear axles

2005-04-07 Short Writeup on KKK turbocharger numbers

2005-03-30 Shifter Part 3.  First Package of Linkages completed,  Bearings arrived.

2005-02-25 Shifter Part 3.  Fabrication of Various components for Reproduction

2005-02-17 Shifter Part 2.  Piece by Piece breakdown

2005-02-17 Pictures of the Shifter

2005-01-06 Inspecting the rear CV joints.  Audisport dual CV boot

2004-12-11 Breaking down the rear suspension to get at the rear differential

2004-11-29 Study of Intake Manifolds used by Audi Sport for the Inline 5

2004-11-20 Test Drive

2004-11-07 Good and Bad Stuff happened this weekend.  The way is clear

2004-11-05 Airbox built. Build is finished.  Heading to the Dyno tomorrow for tuning

2004-10-31 Boost controller plumbed, Crankcase Vent finished

2004-10-20 Car Startup

2004-10-15 Discussion about where to tap a turbo for Boost Only Pressure

2004-10-10 Wiring harness nearly finished, Intercooler remounted, Turbo to Intercooler back together

2004-10-06 Belts and Pulleys back on the car.  Turbo on

2004-10-02 U-pipe completed from turbo to intercooler

2004-10-01 Photos of Progess on the Car

2004-09-15 Mockup to Test Fitment

2004-09-15 Reassembly Progress, Exhaust Manifold, Copper Gasket

2004-09-11 034EFI Crank Trigger and Bracket

2004-07-16 1:18 Scale Quattro Models

2004-07-11 Analysis of Sport Quattro K27 Turbo

2004-07-09 Photo of the Carbon/Kevlar weave used by Audisport

2004-07-05 Photos of 10V Audisport Manifolds

2004-07-05 Rebuilt K29/K27#9 turbocharger

2004-06-10 Fuel Pumps

2004-05-13 Big Turbos and mock up of turbocharger system

2004-05-08 Lower Crossmember Information

2004-04-18 S1 Hillclimb Exhaust Manifold Information

2004-04-15 Cylinder Head Rebuilt (updated)

2004-04-10 Pulling the Engine Block-Clutch information

2004-04-10 Oil Fittings Fabricated

2004-03-22 2004 Audi State Meet Information

2004-03-19 Pictures of the rebuilt RS2 Comp Turbo 

2004-03-18 Removal of the Intake Manifold From the Head (updated, text added)

2004-03-03 Taking the Head off the Motor (updated, text added)

2004-01-29 Pressure Tap on Turbo Housing.

2004-01-15 Picture of my Car before heavy conversion

2003-10-05 Turbo Removal Part 1

2003-09-30 New Parts that will be installed within the next month

2003-08-16 Car as presented at the Audi Texas State meet

2003-08-10 Original Audi Sport Quattro Cam Cover Installed

2003-06-21 Photos taken along Lake Austin-Rear wing installed

2003-06-02 Tall Rear Wing

2003-04-24 Track wheels have arrived

2003-04-05 Austin Audi Club Hill Country Drive

2003-04-04 New wheels and tires mounted

2003-04-02 Front Grill fitted on the car.

2003-04-01 Front Grill finished

2003-03-28 Its starting to take shape.

2003-03-20 Test Fitting the 9JX15 Sport Ronals

2003-03-15 Original 9JX15 Ronals have arrived from Switzerland

2003-03-10 New Headlights

2002-02-25 Wide Front Grill part 1

2002-01-25 Spare Suspension components

2002-10-18 Texas World Speedway Driver's Edge

2002-09-31 Clutch Assembly-Transmission Swap

2002-09-15 Suspension and Brakes

2002-08-31 Pictures of the Interior

2002-08-31 Pictures of the Engine bay

2002-08-01 Urquattro at Austin Audi Club South Lunch

2001 Frank Sprongl's 2nd place at Rally Quebec