Recently Acquired 

The 4 audisport white Ronals wheels have arrived from Switzerland.  Thanks to Tobias Tschopp.  A good reputable seller.  Tobias has more audi stuff for sale.
I got one from each year..
Dec 83  9JX15h2E12 PN 859601111
Jan 84  9JX15h2E12 PN 859601111
Dec 81  9JX15h2E12  PN 5935072
Feb 82   9JX15h2E12 PN 5935072

They're all marked 15J9ET12.  Very wide and impressive looking.
If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about...  Here's some links. :-)
Here a link with a similiar coupe with these rims fitted.
and a closeup of a rim on a museum quattro.  I'm pleased that its the same spec wheel.

I'm fortunate to have found one more wheel.  A guy in germany was selling a single 9JX15h2Et12 on German Ebay.  I was able to acquire this one as a spare for about 120 U.S. dollars.  Shipping put the total at 230 U.S. dollars but overall, I'm quite pleased.  This one will need a new paint job to match the others because it has been redone in polished alum rim with black spokes.  It should be here in a few weeks.