The next logical step is to pull the block.  We have a complete iron block ot use if we suspect any irregularities with the KW block.  So we are going to take it out to check the internals of the motor as well as the condition of the clutch assembly.  Here's the KW removed the engine bay.  The mounting arms are special and unique to the KW block.  The motor mounts are extemely solid assemblies and look brand new.  They will be reused.

The transmission housing. 

The Sach's racing clutch. After dismantling this assembly.  The following information can be relayed here about the clutches.  There are two standard 4 puck Sach's clutches.  The new thickness of a disk is 3mm.  When they are 2.4mm thick, they are no good anymore.  I have about 2.8mm thickness on my two clucth disks.  The bolts are stretch bolts and are replaced.  They are torqued to 33 lb-ft.   The entire assembly was put back together.  The entire clutch system can be rebuilt for about 700 dollars.