Okay here is the intake manifold coming off the head.  It is a lehmann special casting intake manifold made for competition.  These are normally found on S1 cars and other audisport cars.  It is identical to the Sport quattro intake manifold except, it does not have an integrated water manifold.  There are numerous long bolts that pass through this awesome intake manifold.

Between the intake manifold and the head lies this little gem.  Its a custom plate with A HUGE amount of machining done to it.  It serves as a means to mount the cast aluminum manifold to the head.  It also serves as the water manifold.  Note the machined grooves for the O-rings which seal the manifold to this plate.  There are around 8 low profile M8 internal hex bolts which mount this plate to the head.  Bolt lengths are critical here. 


Here the gasket.  A little different than what we're used to seeing here in the US.

A better view of this adaptor plate.  It has a beveled surface.

The tapered aluminum water manifold.  Some very nice welding on this item.  You can see us test fitting the water feed line which is the new cooling line to the turbo.  Its the red and blue aeroquip fitting on the bottom of the manifold.

One interesting detail in the head.  All the valve guides are Polished smooth to the plenum.  Great for airflow.  This is port and polish job to the max.  Could it possibly have been a reason the intake valves are leaking?

A repeat of the leakdown test confirms that air is passing around the intake valves on all cylinders.  The exhaust valves are fine.  This is oil and gas buildup on the valve seats.  Looks like tomorrow morning I'm taking this head to a machine shop.  One good thing is that we didn't hear much air getting down into the crankcase.