Here are two latest additions to my turbo collection.  There are two K29/K27 hybrids.  They have a K29 coldside, K28 backplate and K27 center and hotside.  The Hotside housing is #9 A/R.  These were used by Audi in 1985 in their race program.  The center turbo is an RS2 Comp.  The Top left is a 3ldz from a 1985 Porsche 1911.  The Top right is a Garret T04E/50 trim.    The wastegate in the lower left is from a Porsche 930 and will be used on the Lehmann Manifold.  The Wastegate in the lower right is a Porsche 944 wastegate and its attached to an Audi Anti-lag system manifold which I will be putting back onto the Lehmann manifold.

Here is a mock up of how the system will look with the dual wastegates and the piggyback manifold.