Setting up some Tannerite on the 200 yard range.   Everyone was envious of Austin's new ride.   Might as well ride downrange in style.  Its not an Audi but it does have 3 torsens.

I brought a few new weapons to this shoot.  A Swedish Mauser with Vernier peephole sight. Swedish Lahti pistol, Japanese war trophy Nambo pistol, Miltech Springfield 1903.  Also brought my CZ pistol collection out for a run.  The 24, 28, 38, 52, 70, 75, 83 and 99.   All in all a good shoot because I spent less time on the camera and more on the trigger.

The side of a MG42 I always want to be on.

How'd Pops and I get into a discussion about why the US army didn't just copy this sucker piece for piece after the war. 

Picture down the sight of the MG42.  One could say the MG42 was the featured gun today.

Pops firing the Lahti.  He's a retired Col from the army and still uses the Army pistol stance with the relaxed hand in the pocket.

My P7M13. 

Really nice Ace. Low serial #.  Sweet gun.